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Zizek! är en dokumentär från 2005 om och med Slavoj Zizek.


The most elementary definition of ideology is probably the well-known phrase from Marx’s ’Capital’: ”They do not know it, but they are doing it.” The fundamental level of ideology, however, is not of an illusion masking the real state of things but that of an (unconscious) fantasy structuring our social reality itself. (The Sublime Object of Ideology)

When I first visited the states I was shock by your toilets here. Romanticism onwards there was the idea of so-called european trinity: anglosaxan economy, french politics, german metaphysics, poetry, philosophy. As the basic spiritual stances of Europe. Sorry, that’s it! French politics, revolutionary, shit should disappear as soon as possible. Anglosaxan, american lets be pragmatic, blah blah blah. German metaphysics, poetry, you inspect, reflect on your shit. So isn’t it totally crazy that in a vulgar, common phenomenon like that you find a certain differences that you truly cannot account for in functonal terms so you have to evoke all this. You claim OK I’m out of ideology, post-ideological era, then you go to the toilet, produce shit and your up to your shit in ideology.


The central idea of ideology for me is not this idea is determining you are a christian, you are a marxist, or whatever, today liberal, I dont know, but the idea is precisly that ideological propositions do not determine us totally, we can not be reduced to our public image, there is a warm human being behind. I think this is ideology at it’s purest! The most horrible anti-ideological act, for me, and really horrible, terrifying, is to fully identify with the ideological image. The ultimate act is what we think is our true self, that is the true acting. Usually our truth to that which we are really committed existentially is in our acts more than what is supposed to be behind the acts. So again my point is I like philosophy as an anonomous job...